The Bad Seeds: Snowboarding

Director Karsten Boysen and Snowboarder Benny Urban on their Exhilarating Sport and Latest Movie

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‘I find it difficult to film on very cold days,’ Karsten Boysen, director of the snowboarding movie The Bad Seeds, told us. ‘For example we had a week in Quebec, Canada where it was -20° Celsius. You have to make sure your equipment stays working, because batteries tend to not like temperatures that are too extreme.’

Despite these freezing conditions, Karsten and co-director Pirmin Juffinger have managed to produce a creative and spontaneous movie for manufacturer, Nitro.

‘We spent the whole winter together with one common goal: To make a movie we’re all proud of, which showcases our perspective of snowboarding.’ -Benny Urban

The Bad Seeds are a group of snowboarders who push themselves to the limit, whilst pursuing excitement and passion. Benny Urban, whose skills we are spotlighting today on The Plus, is just one of the 25 daredevil athletes featured in the movie.

‘His style is so effortless, yet precise,’ director Karsten told us about Benny, ‘It is always interesting to film him, he just makes it look so easy.’

We asked Karsten and Benny about being bad seeds:

The Plus: How did you first get into snowboarding Benny?
Benny Urban:
I always thought it looked so cool on TV and where ever they showed it. So on one the first family skiing trips to the Alps I begged my dad to rent me one. That was just a few days before Christmas and in the end, that same exact rental board was standing under the tree that Christmas. Since then, I’ve never stopped.

TP: How would you describe your style as a snowboarder?
Hopefully creative and skate inspired. At least that’s what I’m trying to do out there.

The Bad Seeds - Snowboarding2
The Plus: Karsten, what was it like collaborating and traveling around with all those snowboarders?
Karsten Boysen:
Everybody on the team is very motivated to go out and film, which makes it a pleasure to go on any trip. Also we all get along really well, so it doesn’t seem like work at all.

TP: What is the most important thing to remember when capturing these kinds of action shots?
its important to stay aware of what is happening around you and get the interesting moments surrounding the tricks.

TP: You shot in many locations including Russia, Canada, Austria, France, Switzerland and St.Pauli. Do you have a favourite?
I like to shoot in urban surroundings, so Russia was definitely interesting. Having such a variety of architecture from kind of ghetto spots covered in graffiti, to clean Marmor ledges: it made up for great footage every day.

TP: And what was your favourite moment from the project Benny?
To many to name one, but the whole Russia trip was a crazy experience I’ll never regret for the rest of my life! It’s a different world over there!

TP: Do you have any snowboarding trips planned for the near future?
For this upcoming winter I’m probably and hopefully going to film for the ThirtyTwo Team Movie. This is going to be next level!

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