Milk & Bone: New York

Bold, Classy Visuals in Black & White for Canadian Band’s Melancholic Track

Milk & Bone - New York1
As almost anyone who has ever been part of a long-term relationship knows, there might come a time when complications become part of the picture. This is the inspiration for upcoming Canadian duo, Milk & Bone’s melancholic and lusty song, New York.

Being the band’s first official music video, it commences with a shot of members, Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne; introducing them to a wider audience.

Milk & Bone: New York

‘Its musicality comes from our strong affection for synths and keyboards,’ they told us about the track, ‘without leaving behind the simplicity of the vocals. This gives the it a very intimate feeling.’

With a classically bold black and white colour scheme, the visuals perfectly compliment this simple yet meaningful song. We asked Camille and Laurence more about their debut video:

The Plus: How did the collaboration with director Mégane Voghell come about?
Camille Poliquin:
Mégane is an old friend. We knew she had a strong artistic vision and an eye for the aesthetics that make up our project. As a young director she was very eager to give it her all. Also, as a woman, she had a feminine side to her work that we enjoyed and was very aware of detail.

TP: What was the creative process like?
Laurence Lafond-Beaulne:
Very easy. From our very first meeting, everything she showed us was something that we felt fitted with our project. From that moment on, we trusted every single one of her instincts. And we weren’t wrong.

Milk & Bone - New York2
Milk & Bone - New York3
TP: Was there any particular reason for sticking to black and white?
Yes, and particularly for this song. We felt it added emphasis to the intensity of the song. It also meant that every detail had to be thought of in black and white, and that every thing that was shown on camera had to have a strong edge to it. Our band does have a black and white image, but be assured, we’re not afraid of colour.

TP: What is up next for Milk and Bone?
For now, we’re working on our first album that should come out in March 2015 and our music video for Coconut Water is being shot in New York City as we speak. So we’re very excited to share that one with you!

Milk & Bone - New York4
Milk & Bone - New York5