Daniel Buren Remixes The Roundel

Leading French Artist Designed the 21st Edition of London Tube Map Cover

Daniel Buren Remixes The Roundel1
As one of the first artists in the Art on the Underground tube map series to use the Underground’s iconic roundel symbol in their artwork, leading French conceptual artist Daniel Buren’s new map cover design gives it a fresh, yet familiar new look.

‘Buren has encapsulated the experience of the individual’s journey in a mass transport system, playing with the graphic representation of the Tube – London Underground’s iconic roundel.’ – Eleanor Pinfield, Head of Art on the Underground

Rising to prominence in the 1960s, Buren became well known for his use of contrasting colored stripes and abstraction, in an effort to integrate his artworks into architectural environments. The new design, complemented by a larger Tube poster called From a Single One To Millions, Part 2: Ink On Paper, incorporates his trademark style. Art on the Underground took over the Tube map in 2004, and this, their 21st edition of the series is released today (Friday 28 November). If you are in London, make sure to pick one up.

Daniel Buren Remixes The Roundel3
Daniel Buren Remixes The Roundel2
Daniel Buren Remixes The Roundel5
Daniel Buren Remixes The Roundel4