Print All Over Me x Various Projects

Skirts, Shirts, Trousers & Dresses as a Canvas for Your Art

‘This collaboration is far more comprehensive than any previous one,’ co-founder of item customisation site, Print All Over Me, Jesse Finkelstein explained to us.

‘We invited Various Projects to create silhouettes that anyone could upload artwork to, in addition to curating three different artists’ work to be shown on the clothes- Adrian Gaut, Olaf Nicolai, and Ro/Lu.’

PAOM is a platform for creation that aims to take peoples creative energies away from virtual things such as Tumblr and Pinterest, and moving them to more tangible real world projects such as clothes and furniture. Their partnering with Various Projects, who run the New York City design boutique Project No. 8, gives people a chance to customize a stylish collection of seven different skirts, shirts, pants, dresses, and scarf’s. Jesse told us a little more about the collaboration:

The Plus: How did the collaboration come about?
Jesse Finkelstein:
We’ve been fans of Various Projects for a long time and we happened to meet Elizabeth Beers and Brian Janusiak, the founders of Various Projects at an installation we did for Sight Unseen’s Offsite.

TP: Does any piece from the project stand out for you?
They’re all amazing. I love the way the Adrian Gaut waves print looked on the Shirt Dress, because the pleating and folds of the dress paralleled the movement in the photo.

TP: What other exciting things are PAOM working on now?
We’re getting ready to launch our phone app and we have collaborations with Sight Unseen at the Standard Hotel in Miami, a partnership with NADA in Miami, and another collaboration with Various Projects at design Miami.