Impossible Perspectives

Strong Lines of Stunning Architectural Patterns in Mattia Mognetti’s Graphical Series

Mattia Mognetti skillfully combines elements of photography, architecture and graphic design in his latest project Graphical. The striking architectural photography, featuring straight lines and strong balanced perspectives have been placed into complimentary groups of three.

Group 1:
‘The use of a long focal length lens allowed me to flatten perspectives and planes, and gave the shots that straight graphical touch I was looking for,’ he explained to us. He then digitally processed the images with identical techniques, working on emphasizing the unlikely perspectives, contrasts and tones.

Putting the images into groups of three, cutting and cropping was avoided, and Mattia opted instead to try different options of possible combinations. ‘The balance in lines was important, but not more than the balance in perspectives,’ he said. We heard more about Mattia’s Graphical:

The Plus: How did the idea for this come about?
Mattia Mognetti:
I think this series was inspired by my previous works, by some brand new architectural work in my city, Milano, and, maybe also, by my 2-3 month abstinence from this kind of photography.

TP: How does it compare to your usual style?
The idea of combining volumes is quite a soft version of one of my very first projects, Istigkeit, in which the volumes of the photographed buildings where combined into volumetric constructions. The study of the surfaces and the lines comes from another project too, about architectural surfaces. So, I think it looks like my usual style.

Group 2:
TP: What were some of the difficulties faced in photographing urban architecture?
Well, some shots were difficult to achieve, because of the light, of the urban positioning, and of the rigorous perspective I was searching for.

TP: What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished an unpublished personal art project, which I’ll be looking for a good publisher for in the near future. In the meantime I’m working for some great historical Italian Furniture and design brands. I’m always looking for new interesting collaborations too.

Group 3:

Group 4: