Recycling Sounds: The Vamp

Light, Sound, Speaker Rescue and Everything in Between at Paul Cocksedge Studio

On a mission to raise awareness about the shocking amount of technology waste happening today, London based designer Paul Cocksedge told us that the most important part of his studio’s latest project, The Vamp, is the recycling element.

‘It’s an in between product, its got recycling in it, but its got something very modern.’

The Vamp transforms any speaker into a great sounding portable Bluetooth speaker. To prove this, the #SaveASpeaker campaign, ensures that each one of The Vamp’s purchased can be accompanied by an old, fully functioning, recycled speaker. The campaign sheds light on the fact that each month in the UK, a shocking 10,000 speakers are sent to one major UK recycling centre alone, whilst thousands of others end up in landfills.

The Vamp - Product Shots
The Vamp - Product Shots
The Vamp - Product Shots

‘I don’t know any electronic companies who are giving recycled technology back to the public. Because they can’t, it’s too complex. We’ve got the opportunity to do things that other people can’t do.’

The award winning Paul Cocksedge Studio delves into all sorts of creative and technological design. This includes the invention of a table with an unlikely construction: made from just one sheet of rolled steel, and meticulous mathematical calculations. The table, named Poised, is unbelievably sturdy, and stable enough for a man to stand on.


‘It’s all about keeping creativity at the top of your drive, then you can make success financially as well. But it was tough in my early years.’

The studio also created KISS – the technological reinvention of the mistletoe tradition at the International Festival of Lights in Milan. The installation, which featured a huge LED canopy hanging above the Galleria’s central dome, lit up in a spectacular light sequence whenever couples kissed directly beneath it. A festive version of this installation, in the form of a tree with kissing-activated lights, is featuring in Shanghai, China this Christmas.

p.cocksedge_comune di milano2
Poisde (one piece table) – Mark Cocksedge
Capture (dome light) – Mark Cocksedge