Following Rainbows: Alabama 3

Hearing from the Genre Defying Pop-Punk-Rock-Blues-Country-Techno Band on their Latest Music Video

‘It reflects a time of freedom in youth,’ Larry Love, vocalist of the seasoned genre-eluding band, Alabama 3 told us about their latest track, Following Rainbows. A departure from the sound they have become synonymous with, Larry describes the track as ‘Leonard Cohen meets La Roux in an R’n’B club in Miami.’

‘On this track we used a different approach. We built it from the computer up and added the band in over it. Usually we start with some lyrics and build the band in around them, this time we started from the tune up.’

The video for the track is a collage of vintage clips from old films, as well as the band’s touring archive, put together by Hostage Music label coordinator, Razor Love. ‘She just came in one day and had cut together loads of old video clips with footage she had collected of the band,’ Larry said. ‘We liked the juxtaposition of the old footage because it reflects the sense of dreamlike memory and innocence, that the song is about. A time past.’

The band is currently on their Winter 2014 tour, and we caught up with them to chat collaborations and crazy tour moments:

The Plus: Is it difficult to collaborate and write songs as such a large band?
Larry Love:
We have our own studios at our club in London, Brixton Jamm so it’s easy to work in an inspirational environment. We’re always surrounded by producers and young crews who all bring things to the table. That’s where the concept for the W.O.M.B.L.E albums has come from, and where this single is from.

TP: You started your tour a couple of weeks ago, any funny stories yet?
Orlando, our talented piano player decided that a bottle of Jack Daniels was trying to kill him, so he launched himself off the bus, much to the dismay of the driver, and smashed the entire bottle against a lamppost, much to my dismay. He remains something of a wild curiosity.

TP: Anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to performing at?
All who gather at the temple of Alabama 3 shall be lifted up. All shall ascend and be free.

TP: What’s next after the tour?
We’re going straight into working on a new album in the New Year. We plan to release lots more videos to accompany some of the single releases of the W.O.M.B.L.E album series, in order to contaminate as many people as possible. We’re the cockroaches of rock n’roll. We’ll just keep putting out material and putting on shows ’til our kingdom comes