Cinematic Skate: Theo De Gueltzl

Jacob Harmer Captures Thoughts and Tricks from an Old Soul Rolling Around the City


Shot in the ‘magic hours’, Jacob Harmer’s Skate makes use of natural soft light and a dreamy aesthetics to capture the model and creative, Theo De Gueltzl, as he glides around London city. Theo’s voice narrates, contemplating what it means to skate and be free in an urban landscape.

‘Although concise, I’ve purposefully left the story open ended alluding to life’s continuing narrative,’ Jacob explained to us. ‘Ultimately I’d love the films’ themes to linger and offer a sense of curiosity and reflection for some time after their initial viewing.’

The meditative film combines Jacob’s love of natural horizons, with the gritty setting of the city. ‘It can create both geographically and philosophically, an alternate approach to practicing more extreme elements of the sport,’ he told us.

Jacob is currently working with a writer on his upcoming drama, as well as an ongoing documentary about life at sea. We asked him about Skate:

The Plus: How did you come to work with Theo?
Jacob Harmer:
Me and Theo have been tight for years. I’ve always admired his artistic integrity so collaborating with him was definitely exciting. He’s full of ideas, an old soul, one of life’s adventurers.

TP: Were there any complications in shooting this?
Theo moved back to Paris from London during shooting and due to weather letting us down on multiple occasions he had to make the trip back and forth more than we originally anticipated. It paid off finally though, with the end shot encapsulating everything I had hoped for and more.

TP: What was your main aim with this film?
To combine real life stories with a cinematic tone more akin to the movies. I try to give insight into worlds that I find inspiring and hope audiences can be enlightened too.



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