Characters Reimagined: Super Flemish

Question: What if super heroes were born in 15th century Europe, and were painted by a Flemish painter? Answer: Super Flemish- Parisian painter, Sacha Goldberg’s, 5-year in the making labour of love. The photography project, hugely influenced by classical Flemish painting style, was the result of being raised by an antiquarian mother, in a home filled with Flemish art.

‘I did the characters I loved the most,’ Sacha explained to us. ‘Hulk, cat woman, all the star wars characters…’

This large scale production involved 12 hair and make up people, 5 costume makers, 6 assistants, 2 model casters, one ‘very precious’ casting director, 2 digital retouch artists, animal trainers, 60 actors, and several others who made up the 110 that helped to actualise Sacha’s vision.

We found out more about his super work:
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The Plus: Sounds like it was a huge production! Did everything go smoothly?
Sacha Goldberg:
There were many complicated things; like how can I find someone who looks like the Hulk? I remember when the animal trainer asked me if I really wanted to put a flange on the neck of the bird- we did!

TP: What kind of ideas do you hope to inspire with this series?
I hope people will be touched by some of these characters. I think Hulk and cat woman are so romantic. They are the ones I have in my house.

TP: It took two years to complete. How did you know when it was truly over?
You really know when the images are what you imagined, or better. Then it is time to move on to a new project.

TP: So what have you moved on to?
I am shooting a series about family in the 50’s, with actors and huge scenes. It’s great fun.

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