Talvi | Winter

Idyllic Snow Covered Landscapes in Northern Lapland, Finland

‘The reality of beauty was so astonishing that I just had to film it,’ Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen told us about her series of photographs. Winter, (or Talvi in the finish language) has been romantically captured in Northern Lapland, Utsjoki, Finland, after Tiina visited the location for the first time.

Living and working for a short while in Karigasniemi, a small village just beside Norwegian border, Tiina was lucky enough to have the locals show her around, taking her on picture perfect trips in to the wilderness. ‘Special thanks to local forest rangers!’ she didn’t forget to mention.

The pictures were taken with the following equipment: Canon 5Dmk III , canon 24-70 USM L f2,8, Nikon Ai-s 80-200 f4, Tamron SP 300 f2,8, Manfrotto 055CLB tripod.

We found out more about Tiina’s winter-wonderful pictures:

The Plus: What do you feel are the most important things to consider when taking a good landscape shot?
Tiina Törmänen:
Right light, at a right place, at a right time. I think light is the most important thing. Filming winter in the north is best from November to the end of Feb, and in the nighttime, or just before and after that. At that time the sun is not too high and there are so many hues and the light is soft.

TP: Were there any shots that were difficult to take?
At least half of the photos are filmed with old manual lenses. Fast manual focusing in – 25° is kind of challenging, like with the photo with the bird in it.

TP: Did you edit them afterwards?
I use LR, PS and some plug-ins. This series did not really need much work afterwards, just basic color correction in LR. In this time of year, light itself is so good that no extra tricks are needed.

TP: What are you working on now/next?
I’m spending this winter in Southern Lapland. I just started working as a husky sled dog guide! I will shoot some husky action and other Lapland tourism related material. After the winter season I will start filming a longer documentary project about a mining company in Finland. It’s more about how that company has ruined water areas and how it affects the local people.