Urban Abstractions II

Dramatic Building Photography, Close-up and Minimalistic

This series of photographs detail some surprising lines and patterns in city architecture. Turkish student, Emir Ziyalar’s, Urban abstractions II, makes a bold statement in black and white, revealing the hypnotizing geometry to be found in buildings. ‘The ideas of isolation and abstraction inspire me because I want each person to find a unique meaning in them,’ Emir told us.

‘I like to compose geometric elements with man-made structures in my photographs. They provide an opportunity for me to achieve a symmetrical and abstract look.’

All of the photographs were taken in different parts of Istanbul, mostly of close-ups of the structures that fill the city. Although the colours might mirror the drabness to be found in some large cities, there is nonetheless something vibrant about the angles, shadows and lighting of the photographs. We asked Emir more about his work:


The Plus: Was there anything technically difficult to achieve?

Emir Ziyalar: The difficulty was the chaotic environment of Istanbul. I prefer a feeling of order and isolation in my work and that’s the exact opposite of what Istanbul offers.

TP: As a student how would you say that your style is currently developing? Do you have a signature yet?

EZ: I am currently studying visual communication design. I am mostly into photography and cinematography. I would say the most important development for me was finding what I like to do. Then I decided I could achieve what I wanted with a camera. Currently, I am trying to improve my composition skills above anything else, because for me that’s the most important thing about cinematography. I am also looking forward to exploring new styles and approaches in photography.

TP: What are you working on now/next?

EZ: I am currently working on a script for a short film, which I find challenging. At the same time, I am doing sound design for a collaborative video project. I am also working on a photography project featuring integrated 3d graphics with a friend of mine.