Paper Dresses

Paper Artist Recreates Amazingly Elaborate Mongolian Wedding Costumes

Stemming from her fascination with Mongolian wedding costumes, Paper Artist, Asya Kozina, has created these exaggeratedly stylised versions traditional Mongolian costume. ‘Mongolian costumes are so diverse and rich, that when viewing photographs and drawings, it’s impossible not to fall in love with originality of these garments,’ Asya told us. ‘This project is a creative reinterpretation of what I love.’

The St. Petersburg based artist regularly experiments with paper, creating sculptures, installations and exhibitions. Along with her fashion pieces, she creates a wide range of objects, including masks, dolls and decorations.

Her Mongolian wedding costumes series sees her giving the traditional clothes a more extravagant and futuristic slant. The plain white of the medium, contrary to the colour scheme of Mongolian attire, actually helps to emphasise the patterns. Asya told us more about these unique paper garments:


The Plus: These dreses are so elaborate. How do you set about developing the design of one?

Asya Kozina: My creative process begins with a study of the origins, materials of historical photographic archives, of traditional costumes. Then I develop a detailed sketch, which is greatly detailed with regards to ornaments, patterns, and much more. Of course the paper dictates its own rules. It’s a very exciting process and very interesting.  In this project, I didn’t aim to give the viewer a historically accurate Mongolian costume, but to materialise it, exaggerate the characteristics, move it in to present time. To show that folk clothing is stylish, expressive, and shocking in modern times.

TP: Could you tell us a little of the technical process behind making dresses out of paper?

AK: The model has to stand for about an hour to be dressed and prepared for shooting. They can’t sit down throughout the entire shoot! We have to adapt around the features of paper,  so this is the most difficult part.



TP: What do you do with the dresses after the shoot?

AK: This project was originally created just for a photo session- a short but memorable life!

TP: What is your favourite thing to create with paper and why?

AK: It is very difficult chose! One of my next projects will use  corrugated cardboard. It is in no way inferior in flexibility and smoothness to paper I was amazed by what I can do using this material.

TP: Is your next project also wearable?

AK: I can’t reveal what my next project is, I’m preparing a surprise.


Photographer: Anastasia Andreeva

Makeup artist: Marina Sysolyatina