Digital vs. Physical Realities

London Artists Explore Fiction and Realism in Hayward Gallery’s MIRRORCITY

‘I went to about 100 studios around London,’ chief curator of Hayward gallery Stephanie Rosenthal explained to us about their latest exhibition, ‘and out of these studios, seeing how artists deal with the overlap of the digital and the physical, the theme came.’

MIRRORCITY: features recent work and new commissions by key emerging and established artists working in London, who seek to address the challenges, conditions and consequences of living in our digital age. It encompasses a wide variety of media, including painting, film, video, and sculpture, to address the effect of digital realities on contemporary London life.

Stephanie shared with us some of the background and highlights of the exhibition:

The Plus: There are so many artists in London. How did you go about choosing who would feature in the event?
Stephanie Rosenthal:
It’s always difficult; there are so many fantastic artists in London. I wanted to go to artists that I felt were dealing with the question in a different way. I was looking into having different medias and different age groups. To do a show is like choreographing. It’s always a question of how many shows, how many sculptures, how many paintings.

TP: Is there an event that you’re really looking forward to in particular this weekend?
One thing I’m really looking forward to is Charles Hayward’s performance tonight, in Emma McNally’s installation. I think Emma’s work is very related to music. It makes you think about nature, but also technical structures or connections. I think that will be quite an intense experience because any way you stand in front of her paintings, you feel like they’re really vibrating somehow, and you feel the rhythm.

TP: Is there anything happening in the exhibition that might surprise people to learn about?
Maybe Megan Saunders’ large-scale choreography I’ve Been Going Round in Circles Since 1986. Its 15 dancers travelling around London on the M25, then performing their choreography in the racetracks, so it’s a space no one knows. It’s a space we hardly go to. It’s under the Royal Festival hall and connects to the Hayward Gallery. They really bring the movement of the city into the festival over the weekend.


MIRRORCITY: London Artists on Fiction and Reality
at the Hayward Gallery runs from 14 October 2014 – 4 January 2015.