Classic Meets Modern

1930s Inspired Pininfarina Fuoriserie Electric Bike

‘The goal was to have an outstanding bike to be used in metropolitan areas on a daily basis, ’ Italian engineer and designer, Paolo Pininfarina told us of his latest line of bespoke bicycles. The limited edition Pininfarina Fuoriserie electric bikes are modeled after the iconic tailor-made cars of the 30s- emulating the elegant shapes and classic materials of earlier car designs.

Partnering up with 43 Milano, specialists in the creation of luxury, tailor-made bikes, they created an electric bicycle that optimizes the cyclist’s energy and enables them to cover longer distances. We asked Paolo more about his bikes:

The Plus: What was the most technically challenging part of designing these bikes?
Paolo Pininfarina:
The big challenge of the project is the high level of customization of each unit. Moreover, the frames, made of tubes in chromed steel, are hand- made weld by skilled artisans.

TP: How does having an electric engine modify the riding experience?
The electric engine – the booster system Bike+ – optimizes the cyclist’s energy through a miniaturized electric engine, allowing the rider to cover longer distances and to replace other means of transportation, making the Pininfarina Fuoriserie bike an eco-friendly means of transportation.

TP: How much would one cost?
Being a customizable bike the cost depends on the configuration of the product and the accessories selected. The fully accessorized Pininfarina Fuoriserie costs € 9.000 and there is also a Naked version available, without the electric engine and a cost of € 6.000

TP: What are you working on now, next?
We are now working on a different customization of the bike. In the future we could extend the horizons of the project.