Zoo-expedition: Out of the Blue

Striking Photography of Jellyfish Lighting up the Darkness of their Tank

Jelly 1
Student photographer Berdieke van Diesen has managed to capture some of the beauty of the wild within the walls of a tank in a zoo, in the Netherlands. ‘I saw this beautiful tank full of jellyfish,’ she told The Plus. ‘I loved the movements of these beautiful creatures, and the idea of `Out of the Blue´ popped into my head.’

Jelly 2
The pictures were taken with a Canon 700D, and 55-250 IS lens. ‘I always try to find things to photograph that most people see as common,’ Berdieke explained to us. She uses a mixture of macro or landscape shots to bring out what is special in the most ordinary, regular scenes. We dove into the blue with Berdieke:

The Plus: Was it difficult to take these kinds of shots in a zoo?
Berdieke v. Diesen:
Well, the hardest thing was to photograph through really thick glass. These jellyfish were in a glass tank and it was very hard to take pictures without a reflection. In glass you mostly see the reflection, and I really didn’t want that. I wanted it to look very natural and I think it turned out great.

Jelly 3
TP: As a student, how would you say your style is developing?
I’m trying as many styles as I can. I do that because I want to show that I can do more than one thing. But you will always recognise my work. I use a lot of details. For example if I’m photographing a bird, I want the feathers to be very sharp or really close up. Because it’s not the same as when you look with just your eyes.

TP: What exciting things are you working on now?
I’m working on a new school project that I hope will be online soon. It will be a photo series and a short film about how art became my way of living. Also I’ve got some photo manipulations of photos from around 1914, which I retouched. I placed the people in surrealistic backgrounds.

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