Birded Men: M

Digital Paintings of Men with Birds & Beards

‘In Russian, a lot of words begin with the letter M,’ artist Viktor Miller Gausa explained to us. Words such as: masculinity, thoughts, sea, silence, rebellious, male, my, soft, somber, all begin with the letter M in the Russian language. All of these ideas, and more, are tied into Viktor’s series of paintings, M, which feature bearded men with birds hovering just above their heads.

‘I think one letter can be more eloquent than complicated names. It may be a letter, and just a sound.’

Viktor is eager to leave the meaning behind these digital paintings up to the interpretation of the viewer, insisting on keeping all explanations of the concept to a minimal. His style, although not completely realistic, can be seen as a more academic school of painting. We asked him about the works:

TP: The paintings were featured part of the Lustra Festival in Moscow. How was it taking part in that?
Viktor Miller Gausa:
It was fun. I made many new acquaintances. It was the first time I participated in this event so I was a little scared. But it was a good experience. The festival was great.

The Plus: Who are the models featured?
The series begins with the most important person. He often inspires me. He helps me to understand what I want to do. I am grateful to him, so that’s why the series begins with him. The rest of the people in this series are my friends and acquaintances. After the exhibition I gave each of them a print of the images as a thank you.

TP: Are you working on any more personal projects soon?
Unfortunately I do not have a lot of free time now. I continue to draw for magazines and also to teach. I have a few ideas that I would like to bring to life and I want to paint more on canvas.