Stony / Cozy: oh!dessa Apartment

Unconventional Homely Feel in Stylish Odessa Apartment

With the brief of creating a cozy open space for living, as well as for hosting guests, Ukraine based architects Slava Balbek, Olga Bogdanova and Nadya Chabanny, have designed this contemporary apartment that makes minimal use of doors and walls.

Instead, the space incorporates clever design to suggest zones, and careful planning to maximize open space. For example, the library shelves are located on the window wall, keeping all others free from any objects.

The apartment is also devoid of halls, and transit from bedroom to master bathroom leads through a spacious wardrobe. However, privacy is not lost, and when guests stay in one area, they can only see what is ‘functionally justified’.

2B.GROUP is an architectural bureau from Kyiv, Ukraine owed by two young architects, Viacheslav Balbek and Olga Bogdanova. We spoke to Viacheslav about designing this apartment:


The Plus: How were you able to achieve having no doors and such minimal use of hallways?

Viacheslav Balbek: Considering this apartment was designed for one person, there was no particular need in cutting open space into smaller rooms. Therefore doors would not serve its purpose. In my opinion, halls are the least useful element of any space, therefore we are always fighting with clients to make sure the size of hallways comes to zero.

TP: Did you take inspiration from any particular sources, or interior designers?

VB: I do not follow any particular industry star. Yet I am always eager to learn tendencies of the modern architecture which I get mainly from travels, urban masterpieces of European capitals and from nature – my biggest inspiration of all.

TP: Could you tell us a little about the creative process behind designing this apartment?

VB: Most of the furniture elements and concrete stands, were made by Ukrainian specialists. Therefore we not only had to create an element, but also to suggest solutions for production working closely with specialists on metal, concrete and other materials. That was our biggest challenge – frightening and joyful at the same time.

TP: What exciting projects are you working on currently?

VB: We are currently working on the launch of two restaurants in Kiev – new experience for us, decorating house in Turkey and closing 8 objects in order to submit them for the Ukrainian interior design awards 2014 which will be held on December 5th this year.

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