A Mixture of Disgust and Inspiration all Heaped in One Loo

Digital artist, Kim Laughton’s Go Do Art, takes toilet-humor to sickly new heights; to the extent that you’re not quite sure how to feel. Pink roses, a urine-stained floor littered with tissue and magazines, and a tablet chucked in the toilet, comprises the scene, sound-tracked by some incongruously emotional music. It attempts to move the audience to laugh, cry and throw up, all at once.

The video was made in an evening, followed by a few days of rendering. With audio that centers on the spreading of digital art through modern devices, Kim juxtaposes the message with smooth, sweeping shots of the busy toilet. One thing is for certain, this video is bursting with some strong ideas about digital art, and art in general. Let us know how you interpret it.

We fired some Qs at Kim:

The Plus: The Video Style?
Kim Laughton:
Mer le punk.

TP: The most difficult part of making this?
I had to scan toilet paper, which isn’t something I have done before.

TP: The Message?
Best left to the viewer’s interpretation.

TP: What are you working on now?
Preparing visuals for Dubbel Dutch in Shanghai this weekend.

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