Freak Show

Minimalistic Illustrations of American Horror Story Characters
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, graphic design artist Gregorius T. Rofi’s illustrations are a minimalistic reimagining of characters from hit TV series American Horror Story. Picking season 4 as his source of gruesome inspiration, Gregorius uses a basic colour palette of blue, red and green, which mirror the poster imageries of the show.

This particular season of the popular program, set in Jupiter, Florida, tells the story of one of the last remaining freak shows in America, and their struggle for survival. Among the list of Gregorius’ muses are characters Twisty, a physically grotesque, retired clown who is unhappy with the arrival of the freak show, and the beautiful Dandy Mott, who desires nothing more than to be amongst the freaks. We asked more about these minimalist freaks:

The Plus: Do you have a favourite character from American Horror Story? 

Gregorius T. Rofi: My favourite character from American Horror Story has to be Fiona Goode from season 3. I loved her attitude and how she was always dressed in black. My favorite character that I’ve illustrated is either Twisty the clown or Meep. They were both very fun to draw, and I really love creepy characters.

TP: What was the technical process behind creating these? 

GTR: There was not much of a process behind this project. I did the illustrations and watched the series simultaneously, so I could refer back to the characters in the show. Making the illustrations to resemble the characters was hard, and I think I failed to do that in some of the illustration, but oh well!

TP: Why only blue, red and white for the colour scheme?

GTR: There’s no interesting story behind that colour scheme. I just made a few colour schemes and I picked the one I liked the most. I feel that those colours go well together and would grab people’s attention.