Striking Poses

Silhouettes of Models Infused with the Lines of Nature and Architecture

Striking Poses
With his visually striking juxtapositions, Turkish photographer Erkin Demir is able to tell multiple stories within one photograph. ‘I prefer to choose natural elements and strong lines of architecture,’ he told The Plus. ‘Negative space also plays an important role.’

Silhouettes, shapes and strong lines are an essential feature of Erkin’s work, however he is pragmatic about his use of colours: ‘colours should ”add” something special to the combination. It should be compatible, otherwise the outcome may be confusing.’

Resolving to focus on his fashion works for the time being, the photographer achieved this look with the skilled use of multiple exposures. We found out more from Erkin:

The Plus: What style of photography do most enjoy creating?
Erkin Demir:
I consider myself a fashion photographer. I like to use strong looking woman in my own made scenarios with some mystery in it. Street photography is not my specialty, its a different kind of genre but of course I like to take pictures and get inspirations from daily life.

TP: Who are your models?
They are all my friends. I tried to create portraits, which reflect their characters and are suitable for their physical attributes. However, there are some restrictions. You can’t always predict the final outcome before blending. You just have to try and find the best combination.

4TP: Where do you normally get your inspiration?
I get my inspirations from all kind legends, like Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin. I love the artworks that have some mystery, implicit stories behind them. I also love surreal juxtapositions of paintings and collages. That may be the motivation behind my multiple exposures.

TP: Could you tell us a little about your upcoming project?
In my upcoming project, I’m going to use nude models lit by projector for a more natural feeling of multiple exposures. I’m planning to combine fashion with this technique.