Reality X Fantasy: Star Wars Series

Photographer’s Series Pays Homage to the All Consuming Effect the Sci-Fi series had on his Childhood

‘My favourite image out of the Star Wars series is probably Boba Fett taking a selfie,’ photographer and digital artist Thomas Dagg shares with us, ‘or dead Jar Jar left in an alley.’

Growing up, Thomas hated the Star Wars character Jar Jar, so now as an adult, he has had the chance to show what should have happened to the him, with the help of his Star Wars digital photography project.

‘This series was an attempt to capture childhood imagination. I wanted to share and remind people how crazy our worlds were when we were younger.’

star destroyer
Thomas achieved effects by using focal length to take the real life shots, and then using forced perspective to add his childhood toys to the black-and-white images. We explored more of Thomas’ Sci Fi fantasy world with him:

The Plus: Why black and white?
Thomas Dagg:
Black and white is how I visualize memories. It’s probably my love of old street photographers like Bresson and Frank that has me thinking that way, but it’s just how I see.

probe droid
TP: You were Star Wars Obsessed as a child. Do you have any funny memories?
I was eight and had ingested a rather large amount of dairy. The doctor was standing next to me as I sat there jacked on epinephrine. He said I had to drink liquid charcoal to make myself “un-ingest” said dairy. I told them I would drink the horrid black liquid if, and only if, I could have Chewbacca. He was next on my list of characters I needed to fulfill my imagination and playtime requirements. You can bet to this day, Chewy sits on my desk; a reminder of my dying extortion at eight years old.”

TP: How does this project compare to your others in terms of style?
This has a rougher general theme than most of my usual work. I am definitely a fan of subtle, and like to hide things in my work all the time. The rough framing and composition etc were all done purposefully to try and tell more of the story. I wanted these to feel like if you or I were there and this happened.

boba fett
TIE fighters
R2D2 C3PO opener