OK Go Won’t Let You Down

The Band’s Innovative Video Includes Choreographed Street Dancing and Bird’s Eye View

Fans of OK Go can rest easy knowing that the band will not be relinquishing their commitment to compelling visuals and choreography any time soon!

In what is arguably their best video to date, we see the band composedly rolling around in Honda UNI-CUBs- eventually leading us to the troupe of choreographed dancers and umbrellas.

Captured with the use of a drone in just one shot at Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, the video was directed by singer Damian Kulash and Kazuaki Seki, with creative direction by Morihiro Harano.

Harano managed to capture the Japanese schoolgirls flashing coloured umbrellas in the shapes of lyrics with the use of a hand operated GPS control, employed to skilfully navigate the drone camera.

The single will be released on December 8, and the album Hungry Ghosts will follow on February 16 next year.