Guitar Hero: Jimmy Page

Photographic Essay Charting the Musical Journey of Led Zeppelin’s Iconic Guitarist

Hailed as being one of the biggest rock bands of all time, its no surprise that Led Zepplin can still sell out stadiums; with tickets to their recent 2007 reunion-gig breaking world records.

Legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, who wrote the majority of the band’s earlier music, has released a photographic biography of over 650 images, chronicling his story as a musician.

‘You see this young man growing, from when I’m a choirboy – and took my guitar along to see if I could tune it up from the organ,’ Jimmy has said, ‘right through to almost yesterday.’

Through the use of captions, the intensely private Jimmy has narrated the story of his career for the first time, with unseen photographs, memorabilia and even all his passports saved throughout his life.

We spoke to Catherine Roylance, Managing Director of Genesis Publications, about the musician, and the book:

The Plus: What kind of little known things could fans learn about Jimmy in this book?
Catherine Roylance: Not many people would know that Jimmy Page was once a choirboy. The first photograph in the book was taken by his choirmaster, Mr. Coffin.

TP: Why did he choose to release a book now?
CR: JIMMY PAGE by Jimmy Page was originally conceived as a limited edition, with just 2,000 signed copies made worldwide. He always wanted to create a more accessible and affordable version, and decided now was the right time. This year is Genesis Publications’ 40th Anniversary, and we were delighted to celebrate with such an important release.

TP: Do you have a personal favourite photograph?
CR: Jimmy Page searched through thousands of photographs to make his selection. Many are from his personal archives. Some of the best rock photographers in the world are featured, including: Ross Halfin, Kate Simon, Gered Mankowitz, Dominique Tarlé, Pennie Smith and Jim Marshall. It’s impossible to choose just one. Some of the rare finds are amazing, such as shots of Jimmy Page with Brian Jones taken by Ian Stewart.

TP: What’s next for the book?
CR: Next month we’re celebrating the book with an evening in conversation with Jimmy Page and Chris Cornell. It will be held at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in LA on 12th November, and some last tickets are still available on Ticketmaster.

‘Jimmy Page’, the official autobiography by Jimmy Page, is released on October 14th 2014 by Genesis Publications. Price £40 from major bookstores or