New Sensation

Smooth, Fun, Morphic and Uber Cool Motorcycle Animation to the Soundtrack of INXS

‘Animation is always tricky,’ explains Paul Lacolley, one part of CRCR, the France based animating collective. ‘The most difficult part was finding good ideas for the transitions between the shots.’ A difficulty they overcame expertly, with the use of dynamic camera angles, perspective and movement.

The group, consisting of Remi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Pegon and Jeremy Pires, met at the Gobelins school in Paris in 2008 where they worked on their graduation film together.

After producing the short film Jesus 2000 at studio Wizz in 2009, and their subsequent film Todor & Petru the following year, Paul explains that it was ‘quite natural for us to want to stay together and keep working with each other.’

We heard a little more about working with the CRCR crew:

The Plus: How did you guys come to create this video?
Paul Lacolley:
We were a bit bored at work and we thought that we should do a little movie, just to have something to do. Jeremy was working in London at the time so we wanted to surprise him with it. But because we were doing it in our spare time, it took almost 2 years to finish the movie. So Jeremy ended up animating some shots on the movie too!

TP: You’ve been working together since you studied at Gobelins. What has it been like?
We have been working together for almost 6 years now and we really know each other. Therefore the collaboration process is really easy but it changes regarding the project we are working on. It depends on the designs, the scripts and everybody’s mood!

TP: Do you have any big plans for your animations?
We are currently working on a music video mixing live action and animation. And we still have personal projects in mind that we can work on from time to time. We would say that our next plan is to bring back a more narrative aspect to our movies. A bit like we did on our graduation movie Les chiens isolés.