Experimental Creativity: The Mothership

Fun, Futuristic, Full of Colour – FutureDeluxe Lands in London with a Ship from Creative Space

‘We purposely tried to use a colour palette which felt fresh and not something we would normally do,’ explains Andrew Jones, creative director at experimental creative studio, FutureDeluxe. The video which is the first of 5 part series, will represent the brand’s new image, and marks the opening of their new London studio.

The colour-filled world of Mothership symbolises the team at FutureDeluxe, and the playful and experimental style in which they work.

‘I had a loose concept and narrative at the start,’ Andrew told us. ‘Then I approached my friend and colleague TwistedPoly, as his playful style felt like a great fit. From then on we threw ideas back and forth and worked through many designs until we arrived at the final piece.’

Andrew told us a little more about the videos:

The Plus: Can you tell us a little about the rebranding of FutureDeluxe?
Andrew Jones:
It’s our own new ‘FutureDeluxe’ brand. We are an experimental creative studio and this year we are 5 years old, so thought it was a perfect time to rebrand and open our new London studio. To do this we decided to also create 5 brand launch films.

TP: What kind of direction will the other films be taking?
Each film is completely different in style and production techniques. From CG animation, to film & code. The Mothership may return for the 5th & final film/sequel!

TP: What are you working on next?
We are currently working on a set of abstract CG based films for a major car brand as well new films and images for Adidas and a new data driven project for a major technology & gaming company. Secretive 😉