Too Cute to Resist

Olivia Huynh’s Dog Theft Series Dreams up all the Sneaky ways to get a New Pet ‘It’s about the feeling of just seeing a cute dog somewhere in public,’ animator Olivia Huynh told The Plus. The dog theft series, created for Fox ADHD, started out as an idea for a single gif, and came about after the first time she saw a Corgi in real life.

‘ADHD asked me to continue with the series, and it’s been a lot of fun thinking up variations.’

Olivia currently teaches animation at Maryland Institute College of Art, after graduating from there in 2013. She told us that she has zero dogs, testifying to the fact that she doesn’t actually condone dog theft. Don’t try this at home kids! We asked the vicarious dog thief a little more about her work: The Plus: How long each gif took you to make? Olivia When: It varies, but generally somewhere between a day to a week. I’m usually working on several things at once, so it’s a little difficult to estimate the hours. TP: How do you achieve that crayon effect? OW: Everything I do is digital, but sometimes I get asked about the pastel or crayon look. I think it’s mostly just an effect of some rough-edged brushes I use often. I don’t spend too much time thinking about a style or visual effect. I rarely do line work, simply because I don’t enjoy it as much. TP: Can you share with us something exciting you’re working on? OW: At the moment I’m juggling quite a few animation projects, but unfortunately I can’t really talk about most of them at the moment. The only one I can really talk about, are the gifs for Fox ADHD. So you can expect more dog theft in the near future.