Chasing Watercolours

Laura Ives’s Fearless Running Animals for Luke Million’s Light and Sound

“In the light, and sound, nothing’s gonna stand in my way” goes the uplifting chorus of Luke Million’s Light and Sound. The official video is a perfect complement, of tireless watercolour animals running on a loop. Her work is stylistically fluid, and using this medium she plays with the boundaries of colour, edge and lines.

‘It’s a simple and effective concept, which is pushed further with the cyclical narrative of the clip,’ Laura explained to us.
The constant forward propelling motion and smooth transitions between the different species of animals with an uninterrupted flow, giving the video a near hypnotic affect. This is further accentuated by the fact that the story ends where it begins.

Laura gave us a run down on the running animals:

The Plus: As the animals are running on a loop, was it quite a straightforward process to make this?
Laura Ives:
It was all quite challenging; the hardest part was convincingly creating the run cycle for each character. Basically I would collect a bunch of nature video references from YouTube and BBC archives, sketch out some basic cycles in Photoshop, then proceed to create animated GIFs of them. On average each character is around 8-10 frames each. It was then a matter of positioning all the transitions to the beats of the track and filling in background elements.

TP: So what was the creative process?
In a nut shell: Experiments with my pre-existing style of painting, foxes, having Farthing Wood flashbacks, brainstorms, more animals, coffee, listening to “Light & Sound” on repeat, lots more painting to set the backgrounds, brain explosions from all the painting, moral support from Entropico and Paper Moose, more coffee, more painting, a bit of animating and boom – film clip.

TP: How did the collaboration with Luke Million come about?
Entropico are a production collective with whom I frequently collaborate, and they’ve successfully built up a repertoire of some pretty amazing music videos. When the Entropico kids were invited to put forward some ideas for Luke Million’s “Light & Sound” they remembered seeing my experiments and had a good feeling about them.

TP: What are you working on now/next?
On the horizon I have a pretty diverse range of projects with both Entropico and Paper Moose, another Film & Design collective I work with. I also have a backlog of orders for custom pet portraits.