Wanderlust: Rise Up

Günther Gheeraert’s Rise Up Roams Around a World Bursting with Inspiration

‘Life, people, landscapes. I just opened my eyes,’ French director Günther Gheeraert told The Plus, about the inspiration for his latest film.

Produced for boutique French travel operator, Continents Insolites, Rise Up uses the footage obtained from Günther’s striking 40 day work excursion around the world, involving 34 planes, 3 continents, and a Canon 5D Mkiii.

Also known as Mr Gü, this director takes pride in the inspirational message of the film, accentuated by the soul-lifting music of Mooders, featuring Louise Eliott.

Here Günther talks nuns, music, and getting the perfect shot:

The Plus: There’s a lot of great colour in the film. How did you achieve it?
Günther Gheeraert:
Its all colour graded on After Effects with my own secrets. But the real secret is the using of Raw, which enables huge possibilities of colour correction like with photos, but here for a video!

Un jeune garçon rejoint son troupeau de chèvres
TP: Do you have a favourite shot from the film?
The shot of the nun at 03:20 in Laddakh, the closest region of Tibet in India. I was at her home and it was a very special moment because everything was fantastic!

TP: What are you working on now/next?
A lot of digital projects, but I dream of directing a TV ad for a beautiful brand.