Mountain Living: House in Yatsugatake

On a Mountain Slope in Nagano, Japan, this Kidosaki Creation Stands Defiant
‘When I visited the site, my first impression was that this untapped and expansive nature must be embraced by the interior of the house to the greatest extent possible,’ Haruna Kawada of Kidosaki Architects studio told us.

Located on a sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains, this house was designed on a piece of land that offers spectacularly unique views.

Mega structure columns were used in the building, to enable half of the house to extend into the air, with the help of 2 diagonal bracing steel cylinders, each 300 mm in diameter.

Hirotaka Kidosaki gave us a verbal tour of the house:

The Plus: What do you see when you first arrive at the house?
Hirotaka Kidosaki:
When you are invited to the entranceway, after passing through the restrained space of the hallway, you enter a dramatic space, the magnificent and impressive scenery spreads out before your eyes.

TP: How did you embrace the unique views that the location has to offer?
A panoramic view extends on all three sides. The space is an extravagant experience.
All rooms are planed to offer differing views of the mountains, enabling variety of views from each of the rooms.

TP: What kind of materials did you use in the interior design?
The refinement of the structure gives a sense of tension and unity to the space and adequate materials, achieving the proper balance between dominance and harmony with the surrounding natural environment.
The high ceilings and wide wood deck compliments a space steeped in the overwhelming presence of the panoramic views.

TP: What feature of the house stands out for you?
With this overhanging structure, the breeze of the mountain plateau flows through the interior.