The Hilarity of Hypocrisy: People Who…

Self Unaware and Self Righteous Cartoons Provide Humorous Social Satire

‘So one day I was thinking to myself- I can’t stand people who hate when others are happy,’ animator Dmitry Kopytin laments to us. ‘And suddenly the words “people who” were triggered, and I thought damn, there is a phrase you can add infinite comedic material to.’

From that revelation, the pilot for ‘People Who…’ was born; a collection of wriggling, brightly coloured, and opinionated cartoon characters, imposed upon motionless black and white photographs.

All the dialogues were written and performed by Dmitry, as he pondered about the hypocrisy that often flies over our heads in the judgement of others.

We asked Dmitry more about the comedic animation:

The Plus: Do you know these kinds of people in real life?
Dmitry Kopytin:
Absolutely! These things can only be found in real life, it’s impossible to make such characters up. I have met, randomly heard or seen them all on TV numerous times and I know I will continue to meet, hear and see them for the rest of my life.
TP: What’s the most annoying thing you’ve ever overheard?
A guy and girl by the bar talking crap about my friend who was performing on stage. I confronted the guy by the bathroom in this angry, aggressive way that is totally unlike me, but that night it was the only way I knew how to do it.
TP: What do you feel is the most important factor is to consider, when trying to create something that is humorous?
Most things humorous are taken from already existing humorous things. I find that comedy is usually not creating something funny, it’s pointing the funny out in the funniest way you can. The most important factor is to find something you find funny.
TP: What’s next?
I’m currently working on a live action comedic collaboration with some talented local folks. After that I’ll do an animated short, which has been written for ages.

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