Points of View: See

The Music Video Conceptualising Sight and Studying Perception

Inspired by the title of Tycho’s hit single, ‘See’, director Bradley G Munkowitz created a music video which explores the concept of what it means to have sight, as well as a visual study on one’s perception.

The video weaves between a stylistic performance by the band, who are washed in a constellation of infrared light, and a narrative in which we are challenged to question the validity of the protagonist’s perception, versus our own.

‘I try to mix it up as much as possible … I’m best known for my high-tech UI and hologram designs in the feature film world, but have done a bunch of live-action and practical-driven pieces as of late.’

To further build intrigue in the story, the lead character’s POV is shot through a full-spectrum lens, whilst the audience’s POV is through a standard lens.

We dove a little deeper into Bradley’s world of light, holograms, and alternate perceptions:

The Plus: What was it like to work with Scott Hansen, who is also a visual artist, in comparison with working with other musicians?
Bradley G Munkowitz:
Scott is the best! Not only does he have amazing tastes and an amazing eye, but he’s also super collaborative, incredibly chill and extremely easy to work with. He’s definitely a favourite of mine. Other musicians can sometimes be more complicated.

TP: Was it a complicated technical process?
We had to research the best methods to shoot with the full-spectrum camera, so there were a ton of camera tests with various filter combinations to get the most contrast in the footage to grade.

TP: So it was smooth sailing from there?
Other than that I guess the biggest challenge was getting the crew comfortably out into the woods for five days was certainly an adventure
For the band shots, we captured the footage in pitch black, so the Infrared sensor could capture the cleanest image. Moving things around and operating a camera in the dark was tricky, but nothing we’ve never done before.

Watch the performance version below.