Concept of Infinity

Edgar Romanovskis draws the Viewers in with his Mirror House Illusions

‘It happened randomly while I was in an elevator,’ muses the young Swiss based artist, Edgar Romanovskis. ‘There were two big mirrors, one in front of me and one behind me, and they reflected me to infinity.’

With his skilful use of geometric shapes, Edgar Romanovskis transforms his photography of city and nature scenes, into vortexes of mirror tricks.

Titled Concept of Infinity, the series makes use of hand held frames, digitally edited, to create the captivating optical illusions. This project differs from the student’s range of other illustrative and digital work, as he admits to still be ‘searching’ for his style.

We looked further into Edgar’s infinity complex:

The Plus: How did you create these images?
Edgar Romanovskis:
I tried to reproduce the same effect using pictures, a really simple job. I asked a friend to hold a frame and I took a photo. Then with Photoshop I copied that frame many times, and that is how this project was born.

TP: How is your style evolving?
I’m still trying to find my own style, and fortunately or unfortunately, photography and graphic aren’t enough. I also like to paint on canvas and wood, always trying new techniques.

TP: What is having the most impact on the development of your work?
Lately I’m very inspired by many concept art and 3D graphics designers and I would like to move to digital arts, combining 3d elements to still pictures. I’m not sure what my style will be in a while because I’m constantly evolving and I don’t want to limit myself.

Check out more of Edgar’s work here.