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Wide Open Offers Modern Cabins for Remote Getaways

Soon, it will be easier than ever to  get off-grid, and stay there. Wild Cabins is an innovative cultural and nature based tourism venture, in which small clusters of cabins will be sited in difficult to reach and unusual locations in the UK.
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Developed by arts production company, Wide Open, and designed by Moxon Architects, the cabins will be built to be easily movable, offering comfortable and warm accommodation.

Wide Open also have wider plans for the cabins, including more unique locations, as well as a cultural program that provides opportunities for artists to use the cabins as creative thinking and production spaces.
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We found out more about the project from Wide Open director, Tom Littlewood:

The Plus: How did the collaboration with Moxon come about, and what was it like to work with them?

Tom Littlewood: Moxon responded to a competition call.  They were selected for their expertise in creating remarkable buildings in rural places. It was fantastic to work with them.  Ben Addy, Director, lives in a the remote Scottish Highlands and knows from first-hand experience about the issues of living lightly within a landscape.

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TP: What are the challenges that come with creating these cabins for these unusual locations?

TL: Wild Cabins are designed to be off grid and movable, so the challenges of providing a sturdy, compact structure that is self-reliant takes time to understand and an in depth knowledge of the technical issues.  The super structure will be made from cross laminated timber to provide a robust and honest approach to the cabin design.
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TP: What kind of conversations do you hope this project inspires?

TL: We very much hope that people will come to Wild Cabins to reconnect with living close to nature and to immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings of each cabin.  We will be running an artist residency programme  and hope that this will build a strong narrative for each cabin in its own distinct location.

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TP: What kind of reactions have you gotten so far?

TL: Very positive. People like the idea of staying in remote beautiful locations in a contemporary beautifully designed surroundings.
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