The Young Earth

A Photographic Meditation on Death, Youth, Love and Friendship

Iceland is one of the youngest bodies of land in the world, and so it sets the scene perfectly for Photographer Jordan Sullivan’s fictional photo series and accompanying photo-text novella;The Young Earth.

The picturesque and varying landscapes of the country act as a mirror, reflecting the inner lives of the two American protagonists as they confront their past, their friendship, and their own mortality.

In his upcoming solo exhibition in New York, Jordan will exhibit The Young Earth for the first time, as well as his latest work, An Island in The Moon- which explores youth and beauty and the potential for elegance in death and decay.

We asked Jordan about the inspiration behind both projects:

The Plus: What drives your work?
Jordan Sullivan:
I am primarily interested in storytelling and most of my work stems from that, creating some sort of narrative.

TP: What is the story behind the names An Island in the Moon and The Young Earth?
The Young Earth is about the end of youth and two men exploring Iceland- one of the youngest countries in the world. An Island In The Moon is from a William Blake piece, but it’s not a reference to him or that work. It’s taken out of context.

TP: Do any pieces from either of your collections stand out for you?
It changes every time I look at the work.

Jordan’s solo exhibition is opening in NYC on November 9 at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art.