Unseen London

There is More to this City than Meets the (London) Eye

For many years, photographer Peter Dazeley has lived in an apartment between Vauxhall and Chelsea Bridge in London, which overlooks the Thames and is close to Battersea Power Station. After watching the general area being ‘ravaged by a succession of property developers’ over the years, he decided that he had to photograph what was left of the iconic Power Station, gaining access to it in 2010 after some negotiations.

There he met the inhabitants of the abandoned building; thousands of pigeons, families of foxes, rats and peregrine falcons. The resulting project from this visit went viral, spurring him on begin this his four-year journey, recording his Unseen London as it stands in the 21st Century.

We asked Peter more about his favorite nooks and crannies of the city:

The Plus: Sometimes when people find a place that is really special to them, they can be reluctant to share it with the world. Has this ever been the case with you?
Peter Dazeley:
No the reverse is true for me.  This is my London, I want to record it and share it for future generations. Many photographs in this book will be the last record of a disappearing world

TP: What have you learnt about London that you didn’t know before?
Oh there are so many things, where do I start.  There are so many unexpected historical locations right under our feet, like the Henry VIII wine cellar under the MOD. Photographing the book has been such fun and a joy to share my London .

TP: Where were your favourite places to shoot?
Battersea Power Station, Midland Bank, Poultry, Big Ben,Whitechapel Bell foundry,

TP: What’s next?
The reception for Unseen London has been overwhelming, so I am extremely keen to do a second book.  I have ideas, but at present I am just finalising the details before I go public


Unseen London Photographs by Peter Dazeley, Text by Mark Daly, £30, published by Frances Lincoln www.franceslincoln.com

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