Whole New World: Space Cat Hob

With no budget, little time, and a team consisting of friends who just contributed whenever they could, Loïc Bramoullé’s short animated film still manages to capture the imagination. It catapults you into a whole new universe: that of the spaceship-wrecked space cat, Hob, who is on the run from monstrous creatures in a strange new world.

‘A feline is a lonely creature, and this film is just a long dream I had when I was alone’

Paris based Loïc worked as a concept artist on the AAA game from Ubisoft, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, before the urge took him to work on a different type of project. He left after 10 months to launch this adventurous short film.

‘My inspiration came mostly from my interest in urban exploration, decaying industrial machineries, from childhood memories of playful afternoons observing nature and insects while playing with G.I. Joes. And it also comes from getting bored with realistic professional work.’

The production was completed over the course of two years, taking place in two phases. Firstly he spent 6 months building the world and the characters with the help of friends. Following this, Hugo Cierzniak, creator of Dip N’ Dance connected him with Delapost Paris, providing the opportunity to use their renderfarm and workstations to complete the project. Pyramid, discovered by Loïc when he first heard their album “Lost in space”, provided the soundtrack of the film. Olivier Michelot worked on the sound design.

‘When I first contacted Pyramid for the musical composition, he wasn’t quite as famous as now. I’ve been lucky to have him on the project, he is a really nice and passionate guy’

Loïc now works at various studios in Paris, mainly at Supamonks, where he is more suited to the diverse and stylised projects.