Composing Visuals

Pasquale Baseotto’s First Foray into Music Video Directing is Bursting with Reflective Imagery

Now here is a perfect collaboration of composition; one of Belgium’s premier composers, Michel Biscegli, known for producing the soundtrack for the film ‘Marina’ from famous Belgian director Stijn Coninx, works with director and artist Pasquale Baseotto.

This particular project was a wish come true for Pasquale, who told us that he was eager to exercise his creative talents beyond his usual series, animations, adverts, documentaries and graphic design assignments- especially with such a noted talent.


‘Michel was very focused and gave some suggestions himself. Even when he played the song (live) 50 times over and over again, he kept his patience and was so kind to the whole crew. Rarely do you meet someone so professional.’

The video, partly inspired by the opening credits of acclaimed HBO show True Detective, makes flawless use of multiple exposure; layering images of trees, birds, and a pensive woman enjoying the beauty of nature. All of these are superimposed on to Michel’s piano performance of his track, Jasmine. The meshing of images provides the perfect visual representation for his sultry sounds.

We got a little nosey about Pasquale’s recent collaboration, and how he chooses what to work on:

The Plus: Did Michel Bisceglia approach you to work with him?
Pasquale Baseotto:
The cameraman, Ben Steensels, knew the artist before, through an early collaboration they did together. So Michel asked Ben if he knew a creative director who would be interested in producing a music clip for a new song from his upcoming Album Singularity.

TP: And what did you think when the idea was suggested to you?
When Ben told me his name (he is rather famous in Belgium), I immediately said YES! For me it was the first time I could work with such a music artist. I was always very musical, making my own music for my ads, so this project was a great challenge for me.

TP: There must be a lot of work coming your way. How do you choose what to work on?
For the moment there are requests coming in from music artists and bands from around the world looking for an opportunity to work on a music video clip. If the songs appeal to me and if the conditions are right I would love to produce the projects.

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