Award Winning Director Nez Brings an Attenborough-esque feel to the Music World

With aerial shots panning across vast coastal regions, and a school of human-dolphin characters shooting and diving captivatingly, in and out of the sea, director Nez explained to us that he intended his video for Ten Walls’ Walking with Elephants ‘to have scale.’

‘I felt the imagery needed to feel mesmerising, similar to the way David Attenborough would capture swimming dolphins.’

The tricks were achieved with the help of flyboard technology- a relatively new sport that allows people to shoot out of water, up to 15 meters into the air, and to dive headlong back into it. The hypnotising scenes were shot in Kent, UK.

We spoke with Nez about inspiration, rituals, and his favourite project he’s worked on:

The Plus: The video is so inventive and imaginative. It must have been quite difficult to make.
Yes – there are always difficult parts of making music videos because of the limited budgets etc but it’s also these limitations that make the process more exciting and spontaneous.

TP: How did this project come about?
From the commissioner Dan Curwin at Atlantic records – I collaborate quite well with Dan and Atlantic – this is our fourth project together.

TP: How do you keep ideas coming for your videos?
My inspiration changes – it can come from different places. A picture that I like, a piece of clothing I want the artist to wear or even a face on the train home. Once I have it, I build everything else around it.

TP: What has been your favorite music video to make?
My first one ever for M.I.A. The feeling of being on set for the first time with a crew that are all there to make your vision come to life was indescribable.

TP: Do you have any creative rituals?
I like to dance around my computer before I start working. Just kidding. I don’t really have rituals, but I do prefer working at night when everyone’s asleep.