Living Sculptures

Nondescript Objects Pose for Classic Portrait Photographs

‘All of these are self portraits,’ digital artist Mike Campau announces, to our surprise- considering that none of the subjects of these portraits are recognisable as anything at all.

The images, which are a blend of Photography and CGI, were taken with a remote trigger and a big screen to review them. He then proceeded into CGI mode; using the program Modo, he modelled the weird and wonderful shapes you see, inserting them into the photographs.

‘The trick was knowing the lighting setup from the photo shoot, and applying these same techniques into the CGI world, so that the two blended seamlessly,’ Mike told us.

This series is a continuation of his first Living Sculptures project; images of playful nonrepresentational objects, bursting with life. This time we see a more solemn side, with careful lighting and subtle color tones.

‘Most of my work is a blend of Photography and CGI, so it always has a surreal look to it,’ he explained. ‘But as far as an actual “style”, I always try to do things different on each project and not get stuck into a look or pattern.’

We had to find out more about these strange self-portraits:

The Plus: These are portraits unlike we’ve ever seen. How did you come up with this?
Mike Campau:
I wanted to see what would be the result of adding the human element of clothing and movement to CGI sculptures created visually and emotionally. I really wanted to see if I could create a personality or character out of an inanimate object.

TP: Do you have any creative rituals?
I tend to be very fluid with my process. I never sketch anything anymore. I start with some sort of image and then let the creative mind take over during the process. Every step is a “yes” or “no” decision, and most times I end up with something that I didn’t even set out to do. When you just jump in and start, it can lead to an inspirational moment.

TP: What kind of feelings do you hope that Living Sculpture’s inspires?
You can judge these sculptures by the way that they look, and I am sure each one has it’s own perceived personality even though they are just virtual images.
Everyone looks different for one reason or another and there is always some beauty to be seen inside and out in everyone. So, don’t judge people by what they are “supposed to look like” but more on who they are and what they are about.

TP: And where do you go for inspiration?
I am always looking at photography, digital art and other visual markets to gain inspiration. But most of my ideas come when I am not trying to think of them. Whether it’s when I’m in the car on a long drive, going for a run, or laying awake in the middle of the night. These are the moments when ideas and concepts can just come to me.