Going Through The Motions

German Photographer’s Still Images are Bursting with Movement

The human form in motion, intricate and beautiful, is presented in Carsten Witte’s series titled STOPmotion, with contrasting sepia tones of bodies overlapping and interacting with each other, creating the smooth and sensual suggestions of movement in progress.
Created to grace the interiors of a new doctors surgery, Carsten used simple yet complicated artwork with enough depth to keep patients entertained as they wait for their appointments.

‘I wanted images which you can watch for some time without getting bored.’ Carsten explained, ‘Imagine sitting there and waiting for your appointment. The pictures have to be simple and complex at the same time’

Well, these are certainly a far cry from the standard anatomy diagrams and ‘Quit Smoking’ posters to be found in most doctors surgeries. If only all doctors were so artistically minded!
We asked Carsten more about his Photography:

The Plus: You’ve photographed for Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire and several other fashion publications. How did you come to work with a Doctor’s office?
Carsten Witte:
The doctor is a friend of the family and his actual office contains already some of my works. He moves in the upcoming January to a larger and more prominent space and asked me to make a proposal for the artwork. He knew that several luxury hotels used to ask me to do so for their spaces.

TP: So what was the initial idea?
The idea was to have a pure shot, almost instantly accessible but more and more involving your senses to follow the lines and layers.

TP: What was the technical process in creating the images?
They were shot in my studio, as you can see, on white background, in many similar positions to show a movement in progress. It’s shot with a Canon 1DS MK III and a 100mm L IS lens.

TP: Where do you go for inspiration?
Mostly from movies, older stuff; directors like Sam Peckinpah, Nicholas Roeg or David Lynch. I am also a collector of furniture design, mid-century style.