Stone-Ish Illusions

Collection of Pieces Emphasising The Beauty of Recycled Stone-like Materials

When the words recycled and furniture are put together, it doesn’t automatically conjure up images of smooth and elegantly creative pieces, such as the ones you can find in the –ISH exhibition currently running at the Herrick Gallery for The London Design Festival 2014.
Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri have collaborated for the first time to explore perceptions of materials and their properties through the use of stone-like materials- entirely made from recycled and reclaimed post-industrial waste.
The pair worked in partnership with Slate-ish, a material that resembles stone but is made in the US from recycled and reclaimed sources of paper-laminate. They’ve used ‘Denimite’, made from post-consumer and post-industrial denim scrap, and ‘Marblus’, made from white cotton/polyester post-industrial scrap.
The pair are driven by their interest in working with materials that can help to preserve our environment with ‘a mix of elegance, usefulness and some playfulness,’ Laetitia explained. They challenged themselves to design furniture and accessories with these recycled materials, and to push the boundaries of each of them.
We spoke to Laetitia about –ISH:

The Plus: Do any of the pieces from the exhibition stand out for you?
Laetitia de Allegri:
We love the whole collection and believe it works very well as an ensemble. If we had to pick one, it would be the side table in Marblus & Denimite. It’s a perfect combination of material & colours. We like the “un-carved” legs made with curved Marblus, because it produced no waste.

TP: What kind of conversations do you think this exhibition will inspire?
That you can create something useful and beautiful out of waste, and that we should be more careful about our environment.

TP: How did the exhibition come about?
-Ish is an expression that means something that is not quite something. So our pieces look like stone, but aren’t really. It’s an illusion. It’s highly inspired by the name of the material itself : Slate-Ish. We were inspired by the materials and the sustainability aspect of it- and also by nature.


Photography by Amandine Alessandra and Olivia Estebanez.