Tony Allen: Go Back

Father of Afrobeat Pays Homage to Refugees with New Damon Albart Collaboration

Africa and its Diaspora are central to Tony Allen’s new album ‘Film of Life’, and this is clearly demonstrated in his forthcoming single “Go Back” (feat. Damon Albarn). It pays homage to the hundreds of African refugees who lost their lives in the Lampedusa boat tragedy last year.

This thought-provoking music video doesn’t use actors, but features portraits of the real people of Haiti, shot by Tony’s long-time photographer Bernard Benant, whilst he was in the country to collaborate with Haitian Voodoo percussionists. The video highlights some of the difficult issues that refugees face, translating them into a series of visual metaphors.

Tony, known for being one of the primary co-founders of the Afrobeat genre when he played with Nigerian Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, has been collaborating with Damon Albarn since their chance meeting in London in 2003. Since then they have worked together in The Good, The Bad and The Queen, Africa Express and Rocket Juice and the Moon (alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea).

Tony Allen’s new album ‘Film of Life’, is released on JazzVillage, 20th October.