Exit to Surrealism

Spanish Graffiti Artist Left his Distinctive Mark on The Streets of Paris

Using mostly black and white paint with the occasional splash of colour, Pejac often plays perfectly with the surroundings he chooses to grace with his artworks. He is the Spanish artist who’s thought- provoking, minimalist Graffiti can be found in several cities throughout Europe.
Door to Surrealism1
Most recently he has visited Paris, leaving three pieces that have really caught the attention of the city’s residents. His piece Exit to Surrealism, which can be found on Avenue de 8 Mai 1945, Vitry-sur-Seine, incorporates a crack in the wall into his drawing of an abstract, dreamlike door.
Door to Surrealism2
Door to Surrealism3
In the same area you can find his piece Ants, which depicts a shadow-like image of two young children burning tiny people with a magnifying glass, the people who from afar resemble ants.
You can find his third Parisian piece, Vandal-ism, on Rue Eduard Manet, 13eme arrondissement. It’s a post action silhouette of a boy, having just thrown something against a wall, sees it splatter into Manet’s painting Luncheon on the Grass. The artist picked this particular piece because it was created on this street, which was later named after the famous artist.