Holiday Highs

Colours, Patterns and Holidaymakers in Arial View Photography of the Adriatic Coastline

Munich based photographer Bernhard Lang’s series, Aerial View Adria, captures the seaside resorts at the Adriatic coastline in Italy, between Ravenna and Rimini. He took the images during a three-hour photo-flight, after many weeks spent waiting for the perfect weather conditions. The result is a warm, colourful and mesmeric display of beach umbrellas, complimented by joyful vacationers playing in the sand and sea.
Bernhard was first inspired to take up aerial photography after he took a flight about 10 years ago, in which he flew over Tokyo, the whole of Russia (including Sibera with its endless snowy landscapes), and then a second flight to Capetown, in which he flew over Africa’s endless deserts. ‘Looking out of the window, those impressions were quite fascinating to me,’ he remembers. ‘So I kept it in mind to find a way to capture images with an aerial view some day.’
We asked Bernhard a little more about his work:

The Plus: How do you capture these images?
Bernhard Lang:
I shoot out of ultra light planes or helicopters.

TP: Taking these photographs from so high up, is it ever a scary experience?
There have been some moments, which have been a bit scary. For example, one time in the Alpes, flying through a narrow valley, our altitude was low and we came very close to the mountains, but fortunately the pilot found a way out.

TP: Why are you drawn to aerial photography?
For me the aerial view shows the world out of a different, unusual and revealing perspective.

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