Music of Triumph

Listen to the Most Beautiful Goals of The World Cup

The soccer World Cup Tournament 2014 was a visual delight for millions people around the world. The competition spirit inspired tons of creativity the globe over, and artists aimed to translate the essence of the games into something understandable by all types of people.

Introducing the Goal Symphony Project, created by talented group of six who transformed the best and most beautiful goals of the tournament into iconic songs. Together, creatives Raphael Taira, Caio Lekecinskas and Flavio Bernardes de Paula, creative directors Marcelo Mariano and Rafael Freire, Executive Creative Directior Vico Benevides, and audio producer Rodrigo Petreca, made videos depicting the composition of goals you can listen to, and perhaps even dance to!

We spoke to Flavio Bernardes de Paula, Raphael Taira and Caio Lekecinskas, about their project:

The Plus: What was the process behind creating each of these videos?

First, we analysed the goals from several different angles, then began a process of mapping the moves, step by step. And then we animated it. With this information in hand, it was time for producing the audio and composing a song with the notes present at the moment of the goal. After that, the motion design was created, resulting in the video that you see on the site.

TP: How did you turn goals into symphonies?

We thought that a simple mechanical reproduction of the notes that formed the moment of the goal, would be something robotic and might not convey the passion that these two universes incite. So we set off for a long search of musical references, rhythms, instruments, so that the goals became a true symphony.

TP: How would you describe the artistic style of these videos?

It’s a film with minimalist, elegant and modern art. It’s able to convey emotion using simple elements such as vectors and strokes.

TP: What was the collaboration process like?

The project involved all parties simultaneously during the process. Each collaborator was a key piece to its completion, and for that we needed to work in synergy almost fulltime.
One thing that worked really well is that we animated the graphic/abstract part after the song was done, that really improved the connection between motion and sound.

TP: What is next for the project?

We want to expand the project, immortalising other historic goals, telling the story of championships, or even the history of a club of great expression.