Memobottle: Creative Containers

It’s often that last, inconveniently shaped object when packing your carry bag; the thing that just won’t fit, or makes your bag look misshapen: yes we’re talking about the typical water bottle.

Introducing the Memobottle, an unconventional solution to all our bottle woes. Shaped like a piece of paper, it comes in sizes A4, A5, and letter-size, which fit snugly in a bag alongside books, folders and books.

This leak-proof, reusable bottle is a creative initiative by Jesse Leeworthy, a product design engineer from Melbourne, Australia, and Jonathan Byrt, a financial consultant from San Diego, California.

Their aim has been to create the balance between environmental sustainability and improved life efficiency and convenience.

‘Single use bottle consumption has gone bananas in recent years, with 1,500 plastic bottles being used and discarded every SECOND in the US’ Jesse and Jonathan commented on their Kickstarter page. The memobottle is constructed from BPA-free Tritan and is durable and dishwasher-friendly. Perhaps this spells the end of single-use bottles?

The Plus: Where did you get the inspiration for Memobottle? 

Jonathan Byrt: We both grew up in a rural/beach area to the south of Melbourne and spent a lot of time outdoors and in the ocean. We have always been disgusted with the overuse of single use plastic bottles, and their disastrous effect on the environment.  Jesse in particular had a big focus on this topic throughout his university studies.

Secondly, throughout our schooling and university years, and to a larger extent our professional work life; we have been frustrated with the inability to fit water bottles in carry/laptop bags.  The idea was therefore born to introduce a convenient water bottle, which can fit into spaces that other water bottles cannot.

TP: What is it like collaborating with each other, especially since you live in different parts of the world?

JB: The distance can be challenging at times.  A high five and hug would have been great when we reached our kickstarter-funding goal.

We know each other extremely well so the distance really doesn’t create too many headaches. We have been best mates since primary school, and have different skill sets and personality types which compliment each other well and allow us to work as a great team.  With Skype, FaceTime, Google chat etc we are basically always in contact – we forget a lot of the time that there are 13,000 kilometres between us.

TP: How have people reacted to it?

JB: It has been overwhelmingly positive! We knew we had a great product, but becoming fully funded on kickstarter within 36 hours really validated the concept.  The emails of support and interest, blog postings, and social media comments have been amazing – It’s been great to see people as excited about the Memobottle as we are!

TP: Any exciting future plans for Memobottle?

JB: Absolutely! We don’t want to give away too much just yet, but there are a number of Kickstarter stretch goals in the works, as well as a number of awesome ideas to accessorize the Memobottle. That is all I’ll say for now, but there are some exciting times ahead!

TP: Why did you choose to use Kickstarter?

JB: Kickstarter is the flagship crowd-funding platform.  It was an obvious choice for us.  We needed start up capital, but we also wanted to get an idea of the general public’s interest in the Memobottle concept. A good Kickstarter campaign generates both of these things, whilst creating a good amount of hype and exposure.

Photo Credit: Tarin Grey