Coffee Cups of the World

Henry Hargreaves Spent a Year Photographing Unique Coffee Cup Designs

Never judge a book by its cover, the saying goes. And although photographer Henry Hargreaves believes the same to be true for coffee cups, he also argues that a cup should be considered as the best advertisement a café can have.

As he has travelled and photographed many cups in his series, Coffee Cups of the World, Henry remarks that he is ‘surprised by how many good places use blank cups or generic freebies from their suppliers’.

‘Ultimately a cup with a personalized stamp and a considered design makes me feel I got my moneys worth,’ he says, ‘and it can be a beautiful object to leave with and continue to enjoy my cafe experience long after I leave the location.’

In his series he focuses on unique cups and avoids generic and big chains. He now accepts submissions to add to the collection. We spoke to him a little about the series.

The Plus: How long have you been doing this project, and how many places have you travelled to for it?
Henry Hargreaves:
For 1 year. I have over 200 cups from around 15 cities.

TP: Did you finish all the drinks in those cups?
I did drink from most of them. Some were also sent to me by friends and now people are wanting to submit pictures from their cafes.

TP: Will you continue updating the blog?
Yes several pictures will be added daily. I will keep adding to it, but I’m excited for people generated content to take most of the work for me.

TP: What is so special about Cafe Moto, where you shot all the cups?
Its my favourite cafe/restaurant in all of NY, it seemed like the perfect place to finish up this project!