Words In Bloom

The Digital Agency Combining Nature and Technology for a Unique Font

The second part of Zero’s Blossom Type Project sees an interactive element where users can take part in generating content for video messages. The flower arrangements have all been tenderly handmade by Alice, resulting in videos that look different every time you watch them- reflecting the changing seasons.

We spoke to Alice Mourou, the art director of the project at the digital agency Zero.

How long do you need to spend on each letter? Do you preserve them after you photograph them?

We spend 2-4 hours on each letter, plus 30-60mins to do the video. It depends on the form of the letters and luck, because if you sneeze or sigh too hard, you need start again. I don’t preserve them because it’s impossible due to how fragile the flowers are.

What kind of team did you work with for this project?

Blossom type is a teamwork effort, which we are making at zero.ru [a digital agency in Moscow]. I made the letters, photos, design, and did the art direction on the team. Dmitri Petrov made the video. He is the founder of zero.ru. Olesya Korsak is the producer. Imagine, when all of the flower shops had run out of all the flowers that we are using, she called the flower manufacturer and found the flowers! It was unbelievable!

Nikita Schukin made all the letters for the fonts and did a great job at correcting the limitations.

What’s next?

We really like to work with video and technology, and the next project is with video for BMW mororrad. In typography we have a project at cutofwood.com. Dmitri is also into woodwork and made this brilliant project. The whole thing is in the starting stage and we are working on the style of the brand, and of course on video.

You can find cutofwood on Instagram; we have beautiful photos.