Alexandre Cunha: Model Masai

Hearing From The Chiselled Male Model Who Shows Heart on The Catwalk

We had the pleasure of catching up with Alexandre Cunha, the successful Brazilian model who now splits his time between New York and Paris. He has strutted at catwalk shows for designers such as of D&G and Vivienne Westwood, as well as posed for covers of magazines like L’Officiel Hommes Levant.

The 6-foot 1.5-inch star was discovered at just 17, while on a bus in his hometown of Belo Horizonte- two agents approached him and advised him to take up modelling. For the latest issue of Esquire Spain, Alex is adorned in tribal gear, and is photographed dashing through an arid landscape by Alfonso Ohnur.

We spoke to him about memorable catwalk moments, and life outside of modelling.

The Plus: Who are your favorite men’s wear designer/designers?
Alex Cunha: I identify myself a lot with Emporio Armani, Givenchy, Neil Baret and skateboards brands like Vans and accessories at LAB (

TP: What’s the most memorable moment in your modeling career so far?
AC: Once in a show, I had to walk hands in hand with a 4-year-old kid. It was Paris fashion week for Smalto. The kid started to cry as soon as we got on the catwalk, then I took him in my arms and he stopped crying. It was a memorable and delicate situation, but I handled it and in the end everything was fine.

TP: How do you feel about being in the Icon section on
AC: I feel grateful to have my work recognised.

TP: You must have traveled to many countries, what’s your favorite city and why?
AC: Paris, because although its busy, you can find calm there. There are lots of cultural events and expositions. The city is quite small and easy to move around.

TP: How do you spend your spare time?
AC: With my friends, playing the guitar, football, gym, reading, and partying.

TP: What’s your favorite sport?
AC: I love football before any sport. I grew up playing it. I’ve played it all my life and I hope I can keep going for a long time!

TP: Which team did you support in the world cup (apart from Brazil)?
AC: I would have supported the one that showed the best football. And it was Germany and I’m happy they won cause they deserved it.

TP: Which career would you choose if you weren’t a model?
AC: Business / Accountancy.