Views From On High

Bird’s Eye View Photography of Australian Summertime

Taken from a helicopter flying at about 1000ft in the air, Tom Blachford’s photos of Port Phillip Bay offer a mesmerising perspective of summer in Australia. We see people going about their favourite pastimes, as they are immersed by ocean or sand.

‘Working with the pilot we waited for over a year for a perfect day that would be hot enough,’ Tom told us. They held on for a day with perfect +45˚C temperature, and a helicopter with removable doors, to avoid reflections in the photographs.

We spoke to Tom about his work.

The Plus: What camera and lens did you use for this series?
Tom Blachford: These were shot on a Nikon d800e and a Mammoth 200 – 400 zoom lens. It was an amazing combo. At full size you can see the smiles on peoples’ faces.

TP: What does Summer mean to you?
TB: Australian summer is a magical time of year: days at the beach, road trips down our coast, BBQs, cider and rooftops. There is no better time!

TP: What’s next?
TB: I am currently travelling through Central and North America for a couple of months with an aim to end up in Palm Springs this Saturday for the Super Moon. I’m planning to complete my series of mid century architecture shot under moonlight, which I am hoping to exhibit later in the year.